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We publish every book written by AC Michael, and the works of other authors approved by Mister Pushkin!

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Mister Pushkin is the star of a new series of books by AC Michael.

He's slightly grumpy, but totally adorable.

Light-hearted & entertaining stories, told with humour, mischief & wit.

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The Dancing Barber

AC Michael's debut novel that introduced Mister Pushkin to the world.

Set at a time when Mister Pushkin was less cultured, Klem was much younger, and both their lives were very different.

Available from all good booksellers,

such as Waterstones and

"This has to be one of the best historical-fictions I've ever read! Honestly it's right up there with To Kill a Mockingbird and The Book Thief."  

"This tapestry of characters, secrets, relationships and hardships is peppered with humour that undercuts some truly terrifying moments."

"Humour, thrills, and a corkscrewing plot. A fiery, fascinating, and intriguing read. Step inside the pages and into another world."

“An uplifting story, laced with humour. A fascinating account of a chapter of history that more of us should be aware of.”