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"This has to be one of the best historical-fictions I've ever read! Honestly it's right up there with To Kill a Mockingbird and The Book Thief."  

"This tapestry of characters, secrets, relationships and hardships is peppered with humour that undercuts some truly terrifying moments."

"Humour, thrills, and a corkscrewing plot. A fiery, fascinating, and intriguing read. Step inside the pages and into another world."

“An uplifting story, laced with humour. A fascinating account of a chapter of history that more of us should be aware of.”


The 1960s were just getting into their swing - miniskirts were all the rage, The Beatles topped the charts, and housewives were no longer chained to the kitchen sink. Freedom was in the air, and life was becoming a thing to enjoy. But between the sturdy sandstone walls of a terraced house in Yorkshire, popular music was forbidden and discipline was strictly enforced. This was no ordinary household, and it was only a matter of time before everything changed in a most unexpected way...

The Dancing Barber is a humorous thriller, set within the eccentric household of Taras, who was once Europe's finest ballet dancer. Now he is a mediocre barber by day, and a perfectionist ballet master by night. After a successful performance of Swan Lake at the local theatre, he is finally on the verge of the success that was denied him three decades earlier. The last thing he needed was for Klem to move into his attic. Klem is a former priest and a former alcoholic. And wherever Klem goes, his mischievous cat always follows, and so does a great deal of trouble in the shape of a crazy Soviet Colonel...  

Taras' life is further complicated when Klem's uncouth and penniless fiancée moves in, along with her equally uncouth and penniless twin sister. The twins reluctantly divulge shocking secrets that will affect Taras' entire family forever.

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