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The Hogs of the Hedge

Horace's garden was infested with slugs,
He shouted at them: “Go away, you slimy thugs!”

All of his flowers would soon be munched,
And all of his vegetables would soon be crunched...

There was only one way to save his flowers and veg...
He would need the help of The Hogs of the Hedge!

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Cedric, The Stealth Cat

Cedric lived with Seamus on a boat out at sea,
Cedric said, “There isn't a luckier cat than me!
“I eat fresh fish every single day...
“'The fresher, the better!' as Seamus would say...”

But when their boat sank, Seamus drifted out of reach,
And Cedric washed up on a distant sandy beach.
Cedric called out for Seamus, and looked all around,
A tear ran down his cheek... He thought Seamus had drowned...

How could Cedric survive, now he was all alone?
Having to explore a land that was strange and unknown...
Cedric decided to change his ways...
But would he realise that crime never pays?

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Snake, Rattle & Mole

The witch and the rattlesnake were a musical duet,

They'd been best friends since the day they'd first met.

The witch sang badly, and tried not to cackle,

While the snake covered his ears and rattled his rattle.

But the witch didn't know that she couldn't sing,

And thought the audience hated the snake's rattling!

So she decided to get rid of the snake by casting a spell,

But as with all of her spells, things didn't go well...

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The Donkey & The Skunk

The donkey's stable was a terrible mess,

When it was last cleaned was anyone's guess...

The walls and the ceiling needed to be painted,

But when the donkey asked its friends for help, they instantly fainted!

Every time the donkey opened its mouth to speak,  

Its friends immediately collapsed in a heap!

The donkey asked, “But why can this be?”

Read this book, and you shall soon see...

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The Squirrel's Flea

Why did the squirrel jump and twitch?
And why did the cat scratch, but never stop its itch?

The dog and ferret thought it could have been a flea,
But it must have been small and impossible to see.

For hours and hours, the animals scratched away,
And when they saw the vet, he had nothing to say.

Then the doctor came to have a look,
Determined to catch the flea, and squash it with a book.

But could the doctor find the annoying little flea?
Read this book, and you shall soon see...